CBD is a new thing for a lot of people.  The entire purpose of Badger State Hemp .com is to make this process as easy as possible.  There are a ton of CBD products coming out on the market.  Some are from other states.  Some are even foreign.  We wanted to find a reliable, organic solution of high quality CBD.  With any product, it is important to know where the products come from and how many hands touch it in the process from the farm field to your body.  We searched across the state of Wisconsin and identified an organic source of CBD where every step of the way from seed to oil distillation was conducted at the same place.  The process is as pure as it can be, and Badger State Hemp products come from an ISO 7 Stage 2 Clean Room Facility.  (That means it's really clean).  We know you will love our CBD and you can trust that all of the process is planted, harvested, and distilled and blended in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin is not new to agriculture, and we believe we produce the best CBD in the Midwest!  Don't trust CBD from a gas station or other source, when you don't know where it's made.  Badger State Hemp Products are Wisconsin Proud!